RiskTalk @ AIMRIC Conference 2021

Driving Transformation, Shaping The Future

Our world has changed and we have changed. New business models are everywhere, technology has swept away traditional work boundaries. Skills are in hyper-demand, and values such as purpose, equality, and inclusion have risen on the management agenda. In our digital world, we want fast, intuitive and streamlined digital experiences to enable us to live safer and healthier lives.

Over the past year, the business landscape has become more precarious with protracted uncertainty and confusion in pandemic response approaches, the challenges of vaccine rollouts and emerging virus variants – and spillover effects into other risks.

While many businesses have innovated and adapted to rapidly-changing circumstances – seizing market share in the process – not all have. Nor will all benefit from the expected economic recovery.

Businesses must be ready for a disorderly shakeout during a volatile recovery period. And they will need to strengthen and constantly review their risk mitigation strategies to improve their resilience to future shocks.




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