Q&A on drones and safety management


Gareth Byatt, Principal Consultant at Risk Insight Consulting interviews Kurt Meyer, Co-CEO, RiskTalk about drones and safety management

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A conversation with Kurt Meyer, risk management expert and co-CEO of Risk Talk


As part of ‘PwC 2019 Global Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance Survey’, we interviewed Kurt Meyer, risk management expert and co- CEO of Risk Talk.

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RiskTalk and Values At Risk: Risk Management For Corporate Purpose


Kurt and Anette share the latest findings from research and our experience of implementing a solution to Switzerland’s probably most critical infrastructure provider, which has transformed not only risk communication but also risk culture across the organisation.

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How can better communication fend-off disasters and kick-start micro crowd-innovation?


RiskTalk are presenting at the 2019 Risk-In Conference in Basel. This presentation will focus on embedding risk within an organisation. However, the challenge is that, too often, when employees are asked to carry out traditional ‘risk assessments’, reporting proclivity plummets.

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Taking the temperature of risk


When Kurt Meyer took the job as head of risk and insurance for the swiss national grid, he had no idea that it would lead him to reshape the conversation around risk management…

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An interview with Kurt Meyer (CRO of Swissgrid)


Kurt is Chief Risk Officer of the Swiss national electricity provider, Swissgrid (based in Zurich). In this interview Kurt outlines how he and his team have been able to successfully leverage technology to ensure risk management is “working in action”, and bringing about material process improvements to Swissgrid. For context, this video clip provides a good insight into some of the work that Swissgrid performs.

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An interview with Anette Mikes


Anette is a Professor at HEC, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. Anette’s papers have been published by the Harvard Business Review amongst other leading publications. Anette has studied in great depth how risk management in organisations can be truly effective. In this article from May, Anette shares her thoughts and insights into some big challenges we face today.

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HEC Lausanne start-up RiskTalk takes off


RiskTalk – a start-up created at HEC Lausanne – is now operating outside the university, having successfully completed a one-year action research phase that validated its relevance and commercial potential. The start-up, which benefited from InnoTREK funding, is building up a select client base of companies and has secured seed funding from Venture Kick. It is a story of a project that successfully combines insights from social science and application in managerial practice.

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The first kicks of 2018!


RiskTalk empowers any employee to report anything, directly to their organisation’s leadership, completely anonymously, via a simple app. In a ‘back office’, risk controllers will see issues flagged and sorted by organizational priorities – which then directs attention and follow-up action, with the back office team remaining in contact with the reporter. RiskTalk automatically removes metadata from attached files that could be used to identify users.

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RiskTalk: can a better conversation help fend off disaster?


SwissERM is partnering with the University of Lausanne to test the effects and uses of RiskTalk, a reporting and control application, which aims to help organizations stave off lazy thinking, and prevent risk incubation.

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