Employees report issues directly from their own device

Empower employees to speak up, quickly and safely from the device in their pocket.

Easy to use

The reporter app requires no training and is available in any language.


Tailor the screen to suit your organisation’s need(s).

Take action with the Dashboard

Manage issues with your team on one screen in real time.


Instantly notify people or groups as issues are reported and give feedback to reporters about actions taken.

Analysis & Reporting

Spot trends, correlate issues with risks, learn and update risk assessments. As actions speak louder than words, check if your priorities are evidenced in actual follow-ups.

Optional feature:

Allow People To Collaborate

Allows members of the Control Team to invite select employees to work together to solve specific problems, by forming ‘Tiger Teams’.

Optional feature:

Make your true culture visible to top management

Is your orgaization living the values and priorities it espouses? RiskTalk ultimately allows management to visualize, measure and monitor the importance of its espoused values and priorities in action – in order to discover gaps and make necessary adjustments.