RiskTalk emerged out of rigorous academic research carried out at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

RiskTalk is based on research carried out by Prof. Anette Mikes into the causes of man-made disasters and risk incubation.

Man-made disasters happen when an organization’s espoused priorities are regularly contradicted in action. As a consequence, small deviances build up until they cause a perfect storm of incubating risks – risks that were in principle preventable.

RiskTalk is a 21st century communication tool that is designed to fight risk incubation by allowing people to report about issues they care about related to the priorities of their day-to-day work. Traditional top-down communication tends to narrow, silence of even bias employee voices. The essence of RiskTalk is to allow bottom – up communication that it is on employees’ own terms. It is a genuinely blame-free conversation about risks that is protected from interference “from above”.

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