When employees speak up, companies benefit

RiskTalk and E-Talk establish a framework that empowers your employees to speak up about issues they face at work, anonymously and in less than 30 seconds – to people within the organisation who can take action.

Tailored to your organisations' Core Values

Works on any device - employees report issues from the comfort of their own phone, tablet, laptop

Reports take less than 30 seconds and can be made completely anonymously

No extra staff or resources are needed, the Dashboard application enables swift action to be taken

Listen To Your Employees
Transform Your Organisation

Foster a safe space for your people to speak up and speak out, where they can feel emboldened to point out both challenging areas and opportunities for new disruptions and innovations. 


As featured in the Harvard Business Review


The toolkit is comprised of 2 easy-to-use apps:

Reporter Application

A intuitive and simple to use app, compatible with any mobile, tablet or laptop. This allows your employees to make reports in less than 30 seconds from the comfort of their own device.


Back-office Dashboard

The Control Suite enables you to turn talk into action by allocating issues to the people who can act on them, giving feedback and recording action taken.

Our Team

RiskTalk was developed by a team of Chief Risk Officers, Risk Consultants, Sustainability Advisors and leading Academics, distilling years of experience into a set of tools that can be implemented by any sized organisation.

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