Getting Started with RiskTalk

Whether your organisation is large or small, private or public – it’s easy to get started with RiskTalk. From initial consultation to a live version of RiskTalk running within your organisation can take as little as just two weeks.


Initial Consultation

We set up a free, one-hour consultation call to establish your organisation’s progress along the Risk Maturity Model, this helps us determine how best to assist your organisation to foster an effective speak-up culture.

Each instance of RiskTalk is bespoke, during this call we can establish the ‘core values’ of your organisation which will be users need to attribute reports to, as well as other customisation requirements.

Install Apps

Apps are installed on your employees’ devices and training sessions are run. We encourage each employee to make at least 1 test report during these sessions to realise how painless and intuitive the process really is.


Further workshops are run to ensure employees are sufficiently trained. This is particularly relevant to your triage team – these are usually senior staff members in your organisation, the people who can take action quickly and effectively.

On-going Consultation

We know each organisation is different and we are here to offer on-going support, consultation and workshops, as much as required. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Schedule a demo today

Book a free, no obligation, call to explore how the RiskTalk framework could help your organisation foster a speak-up culture.