A standard instance can be deployed within 10 working days. There are a few things we’ll need from you, such as the list of your organisation’s priorities, categorisation values, logo/branding etc. We will work with you to get everything set up, use the contact form to get started.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk does not require any additional personnel resources, it is designed such to allow your existing staff to facilitate the process of receiving and assigning issues to relevant people to resolve.

To tailor your reporting application, we shall need the relevant priorities of your organization, applicable in the “island of application” where you choose to get started. We will work with you to tailor the control environment to fit your reporting and categorization needs. Please use the contact form to get started.

Please Contact Us for pricing information.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk data can easily be imported into other software platforms via an API. We can also assist with integration with other systems, such as health and safety. Please contact us with your requirements.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Western Europe. Each customer’s data is kept separate. All customer data is stored within Europe to comply with requirements of data protection of European organisations. Amazon Web Services have one of the highest security standards globally and set the benchmark for enterprise grade cloud providers. AWS is assessed by an independent third-party auditor to validate alignment with the ISO 27001 standard.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk allows users to upload files to the platform. These documents are hosted on Amazon Web Services (see above).

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk encrypts all data in transit. For more information about our encryption policies please contact us.

No one can access your data without your explicit permission.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk takes daily backups of data. For more information regarding backups, including ‘off site’ backups, please speak to us.

All data is owned by your organization. RiskTalk / ESG-Talk is a data processor and has no rights to any content, or responsibilities for the data posted within a RiskTalk / ESG-Talk initiative.

As the Data Controller, it is your responsibility to comply with the data protection legislation that affects you. RiskTalk supports this as it complies as a data processor with European Data Protection legislation.

All data is owned by your organisation. RiskTalk / ESG-Talk provides a facility to export data in CSV or Excel formats.

Yes, if you would like to view our RiskTalk / ESG-Talk data security policy then you can request to view this under NDA.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk is a tool that empowers employees to speak up about issues that affect core values. It gives a voice to the silent majority and a unique view of day to day realities for management and the board.

RiskTalk / ESG-Talk is based on research carried out by Prof. Anette Mikes into the causes of man-made disasters and risk incubation at HEC Lausanne (the business school of the University of Lausanne).

Coined by Professor Mikes in a 2016 paper, “risktalk” signifies the presence of genuine risk communication that is so inconspicuous that people do not even realise they are engaged in risk management.