Let’s talk risk

Foster blame-free, bottom-up communication with RiskTalk

’Risk talk’ targets toxic cultures by fostering blame-free, bottom-up communication This year marked the tenth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident and the eleventh anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster— vivid reminders of the complexity of managing corporate risks, responsibility, and values. Both companies had an official ‘Safety First’ principle, as have many other companies that […]

Shifting with the sands: COVID-19 and changing values

Sand dunes

Anette’s last piece for Oxford Answers was referenced in the Financial Times. ‘In many ways, lockdown is intellectually easy . . . as a remedy it is clear-cut. The exit strategy is much less clear,’ she was quoted. This is her latest piece for us addressing that issue. In organizations (and societies) with competing cultural values when it comes […]